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XL for really long, super thick, extra heavy hair!

The Pony-O is the original and MOST POPULAR piece. It is comfortable, secure, and non damaging in every hair type and feels like nothing in your hair! The unique patented design is easy to use and holds your hair without the use of elastics or bobby pins. No tension on the follicle and no ponytail crease! Ditch the elastics and say goodbye to saggy, droopy ponytails.  Designed to last hundreds of uses.

  • Easy to use!
  • Stays tight
  • Feels light

If your hair is smaller than the size of a golf ball when you gather it together then the best sizes are the classic PONY-O for all your hair together and the PONY 2.0 for sections.
If your hair is larger than the size of a golf ball when you gather it together you will want the PONY-O XL for all your hair together and the XLS for sections.
If you are not sure get the larger sizes to be safe.