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Collection: Orange Fashion Village

Headquartered in Toronto, Orange Fashion Village has been a leader in stylish, luxurious, and comfortable women’s fashion apparel for thirty years. When we started in 1989, we were a small company offering stunning and unique cotton fashion options. In 1998, we introduced our knitwear line and shot to the forefront of women’s fashion with super soft luxurious fabrics in one size fits most styles. As we worked with the knit fabrics, we designed numerous original styles and constantly grew our line. Starting with sweaters and cardigans, we came up with a fascinating multi-wear sweater that took our customer base by storm. We continued to branch out into new products to create a more complete shopping experience. Our bamboo story goes back to 2013 and our commitment to providing stylish, luxurious, comfortable, and eco-friendly fashion. Early to the environmental movement, we were one of the first to bring fashion forward into today’s world. Our bamboo fabric provides numerous benefits: it is super soft and durable while it breathes, insulates, and moisture wicks. Bamboo is a renewable plant resource that grows quickly with minimal water, making it an environmentally friendly option. Viscose from bamboo is the ultimate comfort fabric, gentle on both your skin and our planet. In 2017, we introduced our “Almost Naked” line of bamboo intimates. Bamboo is an ideal fabric for wearing against the skin as it is incredibly soft, breathes, moisture wicks, and insulates very well.